The right structure can help you:
  • Measure results. Choose an advertising objective for each of your campaigns to help better measure results and manage budgets to achieve goals.
  • Test different audiences. Create an ad set for each audience so you can determine the most responsive/sale driven audiences.
  • Identify which ads work better. Easily create multiple ads so our system can optimize for the top performing ad based on variations in images, links, video or text.

Campaign structure

There are four type of Facebook’s campaign structure:
  • Campaign: A campaign contains one or more ad sets and ads. You’ll choose one advertising objective for each of your campaigns.
  • Ad set: Ad sets contain one or more ads. You’ll define your targeting, budget, schedule, bidding and placement at the ad set level.
  • Ad: The creative you use makes up an ad.
  • Offer: A campaign contains offers to customer.
Create a small variety of ads with variations in image, video, text or links
Review your ad performance regularly and use the on/off switch to stop poorly performing ads
Determine the audiences you want to target. You will also set your budget, schedule, bidding and placement for each of your ad sets.


  • Create a separate ad set for each audience (for example, Males 18–24, Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, etc.)
  • Setting a different audience for each ad set minimizes your ad sets from competing against each other

Budget and schedule

  • Define the maximum amount you want to spend for your ad set. Choose from a daily budget or a lifetime budget
  • Set your schedule so your ad will either run continuously starting today or within a date range you select